[Ready Stocks] AG+ Portable Medical Grade Silver Ion Air Purifier (CSP-X1)

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Aurabeat AG+ CSP-X1 is the world's 1st portable air purifier certified to eliminate >99.9% of COVID-19 in 30 minutes. Designed for car cup holder and desktop, easy to use and install.

Aurabeat AG+ CSP-X1 is a portable air purifier with a streamlined air outlet to ensure effective air circulation, 3-speed fan to support different purification needs, and 4-In-1 efficiency air filter. Pre-filter intercepts large particles, dust, and hair. Activated carbon layer removes odor, formaldehyde, and TVOC. Aurabeat silver ion technology effectively eliminates >99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 virus in 30 minutes. The air filter with Anion technology completes sterilization and purification by killing bacteria and viruses and removing fine particles (PM 0.3).

1. 4-In-1 Efficiency Air Filter
-Pre-Filter to intercept large particles, dust and hair
-Activated Carbon Layer to remove odor, formaldehyde and TVOC
-High-Efficiency Silver Ion Air Filter to eliminate bacteria, virus, and remove fine particles (PM 0.3)
-Anion technology: sterilization and purification

2. 3-SPEED FAN: Support auto-mode and different purification needs.
3. Built-in negative ion generator, can continuously produce negative ions to disinfect air purify the space. 4. A variety of operating modes, one-button control, easy and simple, color LED indicates the air quality.
5. Connected with the car power supply, the product will start automatically, eliminating tedious operations.
6. Designed for car cup holder and desktop, easy to use and install.

Applicable space:≤40sqft
Filter Life: 3-6 months
Size:68(W)×188(H) mm