Why Choose AG+

Air quality is no longer something we can take granted given the current global situation.  More and more studies are suggesting that this virus is airborne

Your family deserves to have clean and virus free air at home.  The Aurabeat NSP-X1 air purifier aims at reinvigorating those weary lungs and reminding both you and your body that there could be a safe place for breathing back home.

1. The only Air Purifier Certified to eliminate the new viruses

The Aurabeat NSP-X1 is the world’s first US lab-certified purifier with a patent-pending filter technology that can quickly and effectively eliminate 99.9% viruses and 99.9% of airborne particles in less than 30 minutes.

2. Patented technology 5 filtration mechanism

Aurabeat NSP-X1 incorporates a pre-filter, nano-crystalline filter, UV Disinfectant lamp, plasma generator, and of course the patented virus killing filter to help clean the air around you. It will remove 99.9% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns and completely filter the air in a 538sq ft 3 times per hour.

3. No more secondary infection

Did you know that although HEPA filters can filter out viruses and bacteria, they are still living on your filter? Every time you move the device or change filter, you are at risk of infection.  The Aurabeat NSP-X1 removes that risk by ensuring the filter and the inside of the device is virus-free.

4. Intelligent air quality sensor

Smart Air Quality Sensor automatically detects changes in air quality to remove adjust the strength of the device to safe energy and effectively clean your home.

5. 2485 Air holes – Quiet, Fast, Powerful

Patented design with almost 2500 air holes to maximize airflow. The advanced multi-speed motor and noise reduction technology quickly creates a clean and soothing environment that fits in any space from living rooms, bedrooms, gyms, offices, classrooms, and indoor/outdoor spaces.

6. Trusted by governments and hospitals around the world

The Aurabeat NSP-X1 is selected by many countries including the Hong Kong government to keep their government headquarters buildings and quarantine facilities virus free.

7. Long-lasting and extended filter life

Aurabeat’s patent-pending Anti-Viral Air Filters are designed to provide maximum filtration with the highest air quality for an extended duration – up to a year of daily usage.