3 Benefits Of Having An Air Purifier In Your Car

Installing an air purifier in cars has become one of the precautionary measures against upper respiratory and other health issues. The air quality in our vehicles can be adversely affected by air pollutants. Based on a study revealed by the US National Institute of Health, health problems may be the result of hydrocarbons from interior components, and particulate matter from brakes. In other words, you are exposing yourself to an immense amount of pollution and dirt when on the roads. An air purifier offers a number of benefits, beyond improving air quality. This article will discuss what an air purifier in your car can do to make a difference. 

1. Removes odour

People often expend effort into keeping the exterior of their cars looking new and clean but they may neglect the interiors. Foul odour is one of the common consequences of not properly cleaning your car interior. Storing food inside the car, smoking and spills may cause your car to smell bad. Fortunately, a variety of car air filters are made available today to improve the air quality in your car by getting rid of unpleasant smells.

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2. Eliminates air pollutants

Unknown to many, pollutant levels in cars are much higher compared to exteriors as cars take in emissions from surrounding vehicles and recirculate them. To prevent the spread of biological contamination, using air purifiers are deemed as an additional complementary and preventive action. By constantly controlling the concentrations of harmful microorganisms in the air, an ideal state of indoor air quality can be achieved. As the demand for clean, pathogen-free air gradually increases, Aurabeat unveils a mini air purifier that can clear the air of fine particles up to PM 0.3. It is created with the same trademark technology registered by FDA as a medical grade class device to remove COVID-19 viruses within half an hour. You can now purchase this portable air purifier in Singapore to keep you safe from air pollutants. 

Eliminates air pollutants-air purifier for allergies

3. Reduces carbon dioxide

Inhaling excessive levels of CO2 can negatively affect the body’s internal chemistry, resulting in abnormal functioning. If the gas’ levels become extremely elevated, fatal poisoning might happen. Furthermore, a high concentration of CO2 may indicate the presence of a vast amount of other air pollutants. By installing an air purifier in your car, CO2 concentration can be reduced. For better effects, you may want to use a gas-removal filter such as an activated carbon or zeolite filter. Meanwhile, some air purifiers come with an activated carbon (AC) filter that is specifically designed to get rid of gases from the air. Do also consider purchasing an air purifier for allergies to ensure you are free from allergic reactions.

Seasonal allergy can be one of the most common health issues in Singapore. While this may not be a severe health condition, it can still cause discomfort and even hinder our daily tasks. As such, purchasing an air purifier is a great investment to ensure good indoor air quality, including your car interior. You may choose from a wide variety of Aurabeat’s most effective air purifiers that can filter allergens, dust particles, airborne germs and other pollutants. 

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